Our Story

iZAC Coin Global

We are a fintech company based in Australia developing blockchain technologies to integrate modern security and compliance into corporate business systems. We do this using a unique method of encrypting biometric data into transactions via a ‘token’ using our proprietary iZAC Token technology.

The iZAC Token is a combination of a blockchain smart contract and your DNA

The idea for the iZAC Token came about when our friend and fellow director was diagnosed with cancer. He was telling us how many different Doctors he had to visit and repeat his story, and all the tests, sometimes repeating tests for those different Doctors. He was also spending so many hours waiting in these Doctor's surgeries for test results, sometimes they even faxed them!

We thought, wouldn’t it be great if he had access to all his family medical history from his phone. He could then simply give access to the Doctors without conducting all these unnecessary tests. Or better yet, they discovered he was susceptible to this type of cancer earlier during a routine medical check-up and avoided getting sick in the first place.


Thus, our idea was born

Embed DNA into a blockchain security token puts the power back into people’s hands controlling access to their information.


The technology gets a little tricky, but in a simple explanation we use a compression and sequencing method of selective DNA base-pairs to create unique data. This data is then encrypted with other biometrics and added to the end of the blockchain to create an iZAC Token.

On our iZAC journey we heard about people who lived in fear of their power bills, too scared to use their heaters in winter and aircon in summer. I personally couldn't imagine my grandma going without heating, cooling or her daily cup of tea. Something had to be done! 

So we called around a few businesses and expanded the iZAC ecosystem to include access to electricity suppliers. With this we developed a system to offer you FREE* electricity. We do this by partnering with our super suppliers and the installation of Solar systems.


What we ask of you is to spend an equivalent amount of your electricity bill each month, with our partner companies, via an online portal.  

To learn more about iZAC Coin visit us at the iZAC Coin website:  https:\\izac.io

*Terms and conditions apply