How it works

Without getting technical we would like to describe the system as follows:

First we design a Solar system that's configured to provide almost all your power needs. Any excess power is drawn from the grid, this would usually result in a bill from the power company.


Second the iZAC Global solar system will measure the power you use via an installed smart meter. The power you use is not billed to you but is used to calculate your monthly spend target.


Third we then ask you to spend at least this amount with our partner companies, using the unique code we provided you. This code is an encrypted transaction code that records or registers your spending on the blockchain* against your monthly spend. When you have achieved the monthly spend target, the power bill is fully paid.


However, if you use power excessively your monthly spend target will increase. So you should still be environmentally aware and switch off lights, use a comfortable temperature setting on your air-conditioner and remain mindful to use only the power you need. Together we hope to not only reduce your power costs but also harmful environmental emissions.

*Blockchain is like a open source database, its freely available for anyone to view the transactions. The encryption code we use removes your personal identity from the system.