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The iZAC Coin team have developed a system where cover the cost of your power bills. We do this for a number of reasons:

1. We want to make a difference to you and the environment

2. Power is just too darn expensive

3. Its a super idea




So everything has conditions, So how does this work?

We will need you to:

1. First sign up to the iZAC power deal, this gives us access to you electricity account.

2. Next you will need to buy one of our roof mounted solar systems. Supplied and fitted by our specialist installers

3. Finally we need you to spend an amount equal to your power bill, monthly with partners from our portal.



We are asking you to install a 5KW Solar power system to your roof. This is very good for the environment. We have partnered with a specialist Solar supplier and installers. We encourage you to discuss your requirements with us and our specialist.



As a member of the iZAC Power portal we will use your browsing data to improve our advertising. This will ensure you receive specials that are interesting to you and your spending money on things you need.

Advertising on the portal is a paid service.